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A Comprehensive Framework for Understanding Human Sexuality

A comprehensive framework for understanding human sexuality
Sexualityis an essential aspect of being human and contributes to the development of our identity throughout our lives.  As a construct, sexuality is not easily defined.  What do you think when you hearthe word sex?  If “intercourse” is the first thing you think of, congratulations, you’re among the norm.  Human sexuality, however, is far more than simply a physical thing.  Although it canbe physical, it is also mental, emotional, relational, biological, spiritual,cultural, and psychological.

Is frigidity for real?

Question: Is Frigidity Real?
A little background about the word “FRIGID”
Before I get into whether the condition of frigidity is real or not, it’s important to inform that the word “frigidity” is an outdated, sexist term.  There was a time in most world societies (not that long ago to be honest) that women were more likely to be seen as domestic livestock, as being voiceless, powerless and inherently inferior to men.  Their husbands and boyfriends expected them to demonstrate their appreciation for everything a man provided for them, by enthusiastically, passionately having sex with them whenever it was required.

How could a man want to have sex with a man, but doesn’t love him? And why would a man say he loves a woman, but doesn’t want to have sex with her? Why could this happen?


There may be many paths toward the possible truth in answering this series of questions. However, I feel it is important to offer some concrete possibilities.  It is possible for both men and women to have sex with people that they don’t love.  One-night stands and occasional hook-ups are a reality for many sexually active people throughout the world.  I’m not endorsing such behavior, rather I’m simply acknowledging that it happens.  I believe that the best sexual experiences involve intimacy, trust, open communication and spiritual connection; all of which are difficult to obtain in a one-night stand.

What do you think about a failed marriage because of an unhappy sex life?


Even though there are very happy men and women who do not have much interest in sex, I think that one’s sexual satisfaction can be a very important factor in whether or not some people feel happy with their romantic relationships; married or not.  To directly answer your question, my opinion is that some marriages do fail because one or both partners are unhappy with their sex life.  However, the reasons behind such unhappiness can have a variety of sources, including past sexual experiences, communication issues, and even the loss of sexual attraction toward one’s partner.

Do you think there is true love in the real world?

Absolutely!  As someone who has spent the last 15 years with my partner Mindy, who I consider my "true love" and soul-mate, I know for a fact that true love is as real as it is common.  When someone says that they are looking for, or have found, their soul-mate, what they are actually saying is that they've found someone whom they feel so intimately, spiritually, and physically connected to, that they feel the only explanation for having found such a "perfect" and complimentary partner, is through some kind of divine or cosmic intervention.
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