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Fear of Intimacy and Sexual Anxiety among Chinese College Students

Since the beginning of the fall 2014 school semester, I've had the pleasure and privilege to teach my class "Sexuality Concepts for Social Workers" at two different college campuses.  In my course, students are required to use my textbook with the same title.  That textbook is scheduled to be released nationally near the end of January 2015 from Cognella Publishing.  When that historic event happens, I'll write all about it here.

On the topic of publications, I'm proud to announce that my Human Sexuality dissertation has been made available in book-form through LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Not only does it contain a nearly exhaustive search of China's sexuality research, but also intimacy, attachment, fear of intimacy, and sexual anxiety.  This book is a great reference/resource for anyone interested in learning about, or researching sexuality topics in China and around the world.  It's also a good template for those currently writing, or are planing to write a dissertation.  Not only does it contain a clear table of contents, it includes the approved IRB proposal, Informed Consent Form, and the questionnaires utilized in the study.

Here's the blurb located on the back of the book:
"Although China can boast being one of the first civilizations to document its sexual history, many modern-day Chinese are lacking in basic sexual knowledge.  Presently the social and economic resources available are not enough to adequately address the sexual education and counseling needs of China’s growing population.  Previous research indicates that those experiencing high sexual anxiety also tend to make poor decisions regarding sex and sexuality, and those with high levels of fear of intimacy have been found to feel less optimistic about the prospect of being in long-term relationships, and report less satisfaction with their current relationships.  The research findings discussed in this book aims to contribute to the study of contemporary Chinese sexuality by exploring the relationships found between Fear of Intimacy and Sexual Anxiety among Chinese college students. Readers interested in learning more about Chinese history and/or human sexuality topics will be introduced to historical and contemporary influences on Chinese sexuality, as well as a review of international studies on intimacy, attachment and sex anxiety."

My book is available at a number of locations, but here are two places (click on the links) where you can check it out or purchase it:

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