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Travis Sky Ingersoll, PH.D., MSW, M.ED.

Social Work & Sexual Health Education/Consulting/Research

Sexuality Concepts for Social Workers

And other Human Service Professionals

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Sexuality Concepts for Social Workers is a research-informed, reader-friendly guide that helps practitioners address sexuality-related issues with a variety of clients.

Topics covered include the role of values in sexuality, sexual health and reproduction, relationships, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, sexuality and the lifespan, sex work and sex workers, sexuality in the ill or disabled, and being a sexually healthy adult. Chapters feature discussion questions, implications and applications for real-world practice, case examples, and opinion pieces from each of the authors to enhance learning, reflection, and critical thinking.

The second edition features updated QR codes to direct students to additional resources, a new chapter called “Sexuality, Spirituality, and Social Work,” updated discussion questions, fresh author opinion pieces, and new topics, including racial preferences when dating, conversion therapy, and sexuality policies in retirement and assisted living facilities.

Sexuality Concepts for Social Workers

helps practitioners build their sexuality literacy to better assist patients. It is ideal for advanced undergraduate and foundational graduate courses on human behavior, sexuality diversity, and human sexuality for social workers.

Like an Egg in a Bowl of Cherries

A Year of Adventures, SARS, Wet-Markets, and Profound Realizations While Teaching in China

Like an Egg in a Bowl of Cherries is a memoir that will appeal to those with a lust for life and a passion for exploration. Drawing from hand-written journal entries and emails sent home while living and working for a year in Dalian, China (2002-2003), readers are taken on an entertaining ride filled with humor, sarcasm, and irreverence.

With topics ranging from the challenges and rewards of teaching in China, to dog restaurants, wet-markets, and the SARS Pandemic, the stories within this book will expose readers to a world of interconnections, surprising parallels, contrasts, similarities, and at times, profound realizations.

Table of Contents

Note from the Author (2020)

Preface (2004)

Arrived and Unpacked

Trimming Hedges, The Hard Way

Downtown Branch School Orientation

First Day of Class at the Branch School

Full Moon Festival

The Bookstore Gig

A Place to Call Home

Trip to the Countryside & Visiting Farmhouses

English Corners, Tutoring, and Ancient Rocks

Three Months of Teaching Under My Belt



Common Courtesy?

Communal Snow Removal

Six Months In = The Halfway Point

Dog Food & Wet Markets

Tiger Beach

Spring Festival


Adventures in Beijing

The Great Wall

The Mongolian Incident

The Machete Man

Yantai by Boat

Exploring an Ancient Taoist Monastery

A Run-In with The Puff-Coat Mafia

Street Food and Cosmic Connections

A Harrowing Boat Ride Home

Politics of Teaching

The Fading Dreams of My Students

I Try to Remain Positive But…

Kung Fu-ish

The Foreigners



Being Here Can Be Really Challenging at Times

Returning Home

Epilogue (2020)

The Busy Dad's Book of Simple and Easy Gluten Free Recipes

When people are first diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a gluten sensitivity, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Living a gluten-free lifestyle typically calls for a complete dietary change, a need to read ingredient labels carefully, and learning how to make a lot more home-cooked meals. Lucky for you, Travis Sky Ingersoll has you covered! Only the author’s favorite recipes have made it into this book. Travis has prepared, photographed, and eaten every single recipe listed. This cookbook is full of delicious meals and desserts that you’re absolutely sure to enjoy!

Inside this gluten free cookbook, you’ll find 78 simple and easy recipes in the following categories:

•GF Morning Meals & Baked Goods

•GF Appetizers & Side Dishes

•GF Soups & Stews

•GF Meals

•GF Chili

•GF Cookies & Desserts

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